Sigma Quality Consultancy

Experts in improving profitability and competitiveness

TJ at a workshopOur believe is that any company, wether it’s small or big, can be improved by using a set of proven principles and tools.

Over the past 19 years we are successfully helping clients to excel their business by improving the identification and implementation of solutions.

We will help you in improving the performance of your organization

Our purpose is to support and guide your organization in solving these challenges:

    • Defining and implementing strategies and initiatives successfully  (e.g. get buy-in from all stakeholders, finish what you have started)
    • Capacity constraints in your processes leading to loss of sales opportunities, slow time to market launches, long delivery lead times and slow responses to customer inquiries
    • Low engagement of staff: lack of motivation, initiative and empowerment

Our industry experience encompasses a broad range, to name a few: automotive, aerospace, banking, chemicals, insurance, mechanical engineering and retail.

We are experts applying Lean Management with focus on customer experience, employee engagement and process excellence to drive transformational change.

How We Work

Our guiding principle is to build on your experience and ideas, and add our expertise to realize your objectives

You have the subject matter experience of products, services and processes, and we will bring the structure and methodologies to realize your ideas and objectives. We will co-design the solutions and create acceptance from various stakeholders.

Intake and initial diagnosticsIntake and initial diagnostics

The first step is to listen and understand your challenges that need to be resolved. While we listen, we also collect relevant data and facts in order to assess the situation and understand your aspiration for the future.
The outcome of this assessment is an overview of opportunities and levers to improve your organisation and processes.

Focused analysisFocused Analysis

After this initial diagnostics we will propose you a solution path with a cost and benefit estimates to improve the performance of current processes and organisation. The solution is tailored to your needs: depending how fast you want to improve, if internal resources are available, if skills are available and what kind of funding there is.

After acceptance of the solution path, we will form a team of specialists of Sigma QC and work with your employees to implement it. We will make sure that solutions are implemented, effective and sustainable. 

Our “toolkit” contains deep expertise in the following fields:

    • Lean Six Sigma: Process analysis and improvements based on DMAIC approach
    • Lean Management, focusing on 5 dimensions: Customer, Process, Performance Management, Organisation & Skills and Mindset & Behaviour
    • Change Leadership
    • Project Management
    • Transformation Management


Services we are offering

For leadership teams:

    • From strategic planning to actionable initiatives and target setting
    • Introduction into Lean for executives to start Lean initiatives
    • Bringing Lean thinking in the day to day work of a leader

For Business Excellence practitioners (Lean Six Sigma Belts):

    • Various trainings to enhance the Lean and Six Sigma tool set
    • Change leadership training
    • Statistics training
    • Coaching and mentoring to certification

Enterprise wide:

    • Rolling out and deploying Business Excellence
    • Project Management (PMO) of global cross-divisional projects
    • Project portfolio management

For the training offering, see SQC Academy

SQC Academy

The trainings and workshops we offer

Business Excellence (Lean Six Sigma):SQC Academy

    • Executive Management workshop – 2 days
    • Project Sponsor and Owner workshop – 2 days
    • Green Belt training + certification: 15 days + project work
    • Black Belt training + certification: 20 days + project work
    • Yellow Belt Training: 2 days
    • Lean Six Sigma awareness training – 1/2 day

Change Leadership:

    • Change leadership training for project leaders: 3 days
    • Change Pro Simulation® workshop, an engaging and realistic computer-based learning workshop: 1 day
    • Personal and team development with MBTI step I and II: 1 day

We deliver all workshops and training as public and in-house event.

Who We Are

TJ Dijkstra 
Consultant and owner of Sigma QC

TJ DijkstraTJ has over 25 years of process improvement, leadership and business experience. His industry experience includes chemical operations, plastics, automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, banking, insurance, telecommunication, project management and logistics. TJ is helping his clients to transform their organisations into  successful enterprises that serve their customers better and are “fun places to work at”. TJ has a proven and deep knowledge of Lean Management (including McKinsey’s 5 lense approach), Six Sigma, Reengineering and Transformational Leadership in both manufacturing and services. He is occasionaly a key-note speaker on these topics.

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