Who We Are

Bepke Hovers
Bepke has first-hand experiences in making small businesses successful. She founded in Switzerland a retail business for Dutch specialties and turned it into a household name that is serving as a Dutch customer hub. She helped many starting business owners to take the first step and begin a focus on growth. As being herself a business owner, she practiced and experienced the Lean Management and thinking methodology. Because of the big benefits that this methodology achieved, she became very passionate about it and decided to make it her core business. She sold her business and is following her passion to dedicate herself helping other business owners to get the best out of themselves and their business ideas.

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TJ Dijkstra
TJTJ has over 25 years of process improvement, leadership and business experience. His industry experience includes chemical operations, plastics, automotive, aerospace, banking, insurance, telecommunication, project management and logistics. TJ is helping his clients to transform their organisations into  successful enterprises that serve their customers better and are “fun places to work at”. TJ has a proven and deep knowledge of Lean Management (including McKinsey’s 5 lense approach), Six Sigma, Reengineering and Transformational Leadership in both manufacturing and services. He is occasionaly a key-note speaker on these topics.


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