Sigma Quality Consultancy

Experts in improving profitability and competitiveness of small to large enterprises

Our believe is that any company, wether it’s small or big, can be improved by using a set of proven principles and tools.

Over the past 17 years we’ve successfully helped our clients to improve the profitability of their business .  With energy, structure and focus we are able to deliver  solutions to the complex challenges of today.

We can help you in improving the performance of your company

Our industry experience encompasses a broad range, to name  a few: automotive, aerospace, banking, chemicals, insurance, machining and retail. We will support you with implementing solutions that are effective and  sustainable by making sure your organisation has the right capabilities to continuously improve.

We are experts applying Lean Management with focus on customer experience, employee engagement and process excellence to drive transformational change.

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Who We Are

Bepke Hovers
Bepke has first-hand experiences in making small businesses successful. She founded in Switzerland a retail business for Dutch specialties and turned it into a household name that is serving as a Dutch customer hub. She helped many starting business owners to take the first step and begin a focus on growth. As being herself a business owner, she practiced and experienced the Lean Management and thinking methodology. Because of the big benefits that this methodology achieved, she became very passionate about it and decided to make it her core business. She sold her business and is following her passion to dedicate herself helping other business owners to get the best out of themselves and their business ideas.

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TJ Dijkstra
TJTJ has over 25 years of process improvement, leadership and business experience. His industry experience includes chemical operations, plastics, automotive, aerospace, banking, insurance, telecommunication, project management and logistics. TJ is helping his clients to transform their organisations into  successful enterprises that serve their customers better and are “fun places to work at”. TJ has a proven and deep knowledge of Lean Management (including McKinsey’s 5 lense approach), Six Sigma, Reengineering and Transformational Leadership in both manufacturing and services. He is occasionaly a key-note speaker on these topics.


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How We Work

Our vision is to bring your processes to world class performance with an engaged workforce and satisfied customers

Intake and initial diagnosticsIntake and initial diagnostics

The first step is to listen and understand your challenges that need to be resolved. While we listen, we also collect relevant data and facts in order to assess the situation and understand your aspiration for the future.
The outcome of this assessment is an overview of opportunities and levers to improve your organisation and processes.

Focused analysisFocused Analysis

After this initial diagnostics we will propose you a solution path with a cost benefit analysis to improve the performance of current processes and organisation. The solution is tailored to your needs how fast you want to improve, if internal resources are available, available skills and funding.

After acceptance of the solution path, we will form a team of specialits of Sigma QC and involve your employees to implement it. We will make sure that solutions are implemented, effective and sustainable. 

Our “toolkit” contains deep expertise in the following fields:

  • Lean Six Sigma: Process analysis and improvements based on DMAIC approach
  • Lean Management, focusing on 5 dimensions: Customer, Process, Performance Management, Organisation & Skills and Mindset & Behaviour
  • Change Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Transformation Management


You are a small business owner

We support and coach you in all aspects of driving your own business:

  • Administration, Marketing, Automation, Logistics, Order Management, Import, internet shop, …, …., ……
  • Growth opportunities


Sigma Quality Consultancy offers a set of products and services to improve your processes. We use the Lean Six Sigma methodology to achieve breakthroughs.

  • We can consult you in leading improvement projects and Lean Six Sigma Deployments
  • We can train your organisation on different Belt levels and change leadership

SQC Academy

We offer different kind of workshops with experienced trainers


Lean Six Sigma:SQC Academy

  • Executive Management workshop – 1 day
  • Project Sponsor and Owner workshop – 1 day
  • Green Belt training + certification: 5 days + project work
  • Black Belt training + certification: 5 days + project work
  • Yellow Belt Training: 1 day
  • Lean Six Sigma awareness training – 1/2 day

Change Leadership:

  • Change leadership training for project leaders: 1 day
  • Change Pro Simulation® workshop, an engaging and realistic computer-based learning workshop: 1 day
  • Personal and team development with MBTI step I and II. 1 day

We deliver all workshops and training as public and in-house event. Click here to get an overview of the public trainings: overview workshops

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